Dr Angela Hatfield

I grew up in Gilgandra NSW, and then moved to Canberra to finish High School.

I studied Medicine at Newcastle University, graduating in 1996 and completed my junior medical officer training (JMO) in Canberra.  I then completed further junior surgical training in Sydney. I was accepted into the Advanced Orthopaedic Training program based in Sydney, completing this in 2006.

I am a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) and a fellow of the Australian Orthopaedic Association (F AOrthA).  I am also a member of the AMA, the Australian Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons (ASOS) and am a participating member of the Wagga Orthopaedic Department.

I have a strong commitment in providing quality accessible Orthopaedic Care to regional and rural Australia.       

I participate in junior doctor (JMO) training and mentor ship.  I believe it is important to support our junior doctors, and encourage them to continue in rural/regional practice. 

I am listed within the Orthopaedic on-call roster at the Wagga Wagga Rural Referral Hospital (WWRRH) on a rotational basis. I ensure I am always available for phone advice for General Practitioners within the Riverina, as I realise it is not always possible or practical for patients to travel long distances to Wagga. 

I work closely with local Physiotherapists, Hand therapists and Podiatrists to provide the best care before, during and after surgery, injury or illness.  My particular areas of interest are: 

  • Hand Surgery

  • Foot and Ankle Surgery &

  • Paediatric Orthopaedics

Paediatric Orthopaedics

I spent 6 months working in the Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Portland, Oregon USA which is a Charity Hospital offering free treatment for children with orthopaedic problems.

I also participated in an Orthopaedic Outreach Service to Vanuatu during my training.

I am in regular contact with Westmead Children’s Hospital's surgeons and physiotherapists regarding the treatment of babies with Developmental Hip Dysplasia, Talipes Equinus Varus (clubfoot). and other less common conditions such as scoliosis.  

In conjunction with local physiotherapist, Ms Jane Campbell we aim to provide a combined treatment approach to minimise the need for families to travel to Sydney for review.

Foot & Ankle

I completed a 6 month fellowship in Sydney with surgeons Dr Les Grujic, Dr Andrew Wines and Dr Peter Lam.

This focused on the treatment of all types of foot and ankle problems, ranging from arthritis to bunions, sports injuries and trauma.

Hand Surgery

I spent 6 months working at the Sydney Hand Unit during my Orthopaedic surgical training. Sydney Hand Unit accepts both simple and complex hand injuries from all over NSW, including the Riverina.

Once I had finished my Orthopaedic Training in Australia, I then completed a 6 month Fellowship at the Pulvertaft Hand Centre, Derby, UK.


Anna can assist you with all your appointment needs and direct information to Dr Hatfield on your behalf.  If you would like an appointment with Dr Hatfield or require results, please use phone option 3 to contact Anna.

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